Book a Consultation

You can arrange a nutrition consultation with Registered Dietitian and author Vesanto Melina:
 *In person in her office on the west coast
*From your location anywhere in North America or Europe (or beyond) by a combination of phone, email, and/or Zoom or Skype.
This includes 1 hr. of contact plus 1.5 hr. of nutritional analysis preparation.
Vesanto has been a consultant to several of the best known stars in the entertainment business.

BOOK a CONSULTATION with Vesanto Melina

2-1/2 hour consultation in person includes:

  • computerized, accurate, and detailed nutritional analysis of your eating pattern
  • simple ideas for improving your diet to meet your goals, in ways that are appealing to you and suit your lifestyle
  • answers to your questions
  • reliable and up-to-date nutrition information
  • guidance on meeting recommended intakes for all nutrients
  • ideas for healthy, delicious, easy meals
  • recipes and menus simple, practical solutions to challenges fast & easy cooking tips (office sessions can include hands-on instruction)