Is whether veganism is safe for women who are pregnant (or want to become pregnant), as well as women who are lactating. What can you tell us about veganism and these particular dietary needs?

Vegan parents-to-be (and their relatives) often take a big (and sometimes nervous) interest in nutrition! A study was done in 1987 in rural Tennessee looking at the health and pregnancy outcomes of 775 pregnant vegan women. Lo and behold, they were doing just fine. Their weight gains and the weight of babies were normal; in fact, the moms had a much lower risk of the medical condition called preeclampsia. Since then, research has established that vegan diets can support excellent health at all stages of the life cycle, including the growth spurts of children and teens. In Becoming Vegan, Express Edition, we took a great deal of care to address potential challenges, and give families clear guidance so they can relax, proceed with confidence, and enjoy watching their children grow up in fine health.