Three Great Ways to Start Your Day

By Vesanto Melina and Julia Murray

Breakfast! This can be an exciting reason to get up in the morning.
(Then again, others prefer to wait until noon.) Whatever your preference, these ideas can inspire you to love breaking that fast.

Some people prefer to go at least 12 hours overnight before breaking their fast. This allows the body to digest, rest, reset, and rejuvenate before working on more nutrient breakdown. For this approach, you might stop eating by around 8pm, then get breakfast 12 hours later. Here are three favourite ways to breakfast.

1) Soak it up:

You’ve likely heard of overnight oats. Now consider taking it to the next level by adding buckwheat (for extra amino acids) and superfoods (for even more antioxidants). Soaking grains, legumes, nuts or seeds before you consume them allows for better digestion by breaking the bond between phytates and minerals, thus increasing the absorption of calcium, iron, and magnesium. One fine choice here is Jules Fuel, an all-in-one, easy combination. This is available through or (Blueberry Cacao or Matcha Date Overnight Buckwheat Oats). You might top it off with coconut yogurt and fresh fruit.

Note that when you are travelling, Jules Fuel is simple to pack, and makes a delicious way to start your days.

2) Brunch o’clock:

You can be plant-based and still eat diner-style breakfasts! Check out recipes for vegan omelette and vegan quiche on … all topped off with cashew hollandaise sauce. The taste, texture and aroma says it all. These choices can be perfect for a Sunday morning.

3) Fruit & Veg out:

For some, the easiest-on-the-digestion way break the fast is to eat a mega smoothie, served in a bowl or mug! Fill half of a blender bowl with your choice of greens (kale, spinach, romaine, cucumber), 1 centimeter of fresh, peeled ginger, 2 frozen bananas, 1 cup (or more) of berries, 2 tbsp greens powder or a vegan protein powder, plus 1 cup of fortified almond milk or water. Then, chew your smoothie! By adding relatively less liquid and serve your breakfast in a bowl; using a spoon rather than gulping it down; and then get as many chews in as possible, your digestive enzymes have time to do their job. The amylase enzymes in saliva (whose role is to break down carbohydrates) start their work in your mouth. When you take time to chew your food as much as possible, amylase can break down carbohydrates into glucose before the food heads down the hatch for the rest of the digestion process. Carbohydrates are the fuels that run your brain, and the ideal source is whole plant foods such as the ingredients in this smoothie. This also ensures that you’re assimilating all of the additional nutrients to your best ability. Getting a big smoothie bowl in the morning is like insurance for the rest of your day! You’ll receive wonderful phytonutrients from the live, raw food. If you like, top it with some coconut chips, cacao nibs and buckwheat groats for crunch.

Vesanto is a Vancouver Registered Dietitian and author, and Julia is a Whistler-based Olympian (Ski Cross), Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Plant-Based Chef, and vegan blogger with weekly recipes on her plant-based blog: Sign up for weekly emails for inspiration & motivation. Also see her on Instagram @hookedonplants

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